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Dinner Plate Rack

Thank you for visiting our Dinner Plate Rack. You will see below how to prevent dust on your dinner plates.

We manufacture this Suburb Quality Heavy Duty Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Dust Free Dinner Plates Storage Rack

Stainless Steel Dust Free Dinner Plate Rack

Elvins Manufacturers Worldwide Distributors Of Dinner Plate Rack

Here we offer suburb quality polished stainless steel dinner plate rack for piling dinner plates facing down to prevent dust. This rack simply lays on shelves and cupboards in order to keep away from the surface dust.

Our planet is getting dustier by the minute therefore we designed and manufactured this dinner plate rack.

How To Keep Dinner Plates Clean

Place the rack on any shelf and stack the dinner plates facing down on the rack so no dust can fall on the plates.

Dimensions: W 200 X L 200 X H 20 mm

Our Stainless Steel Dust Free Dinner Plate Rack will be available in departmental stores soon.

We can supply 100,000 dinner plate racks every month with your logo brand trademark on the packaging.

Please use the form for more details or enquire at your local stores for Elvins dust free dinner plate racks.