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Garden Border Edging Blocks

Top Quality Border Blocks Tough + All Weather & Water Proof - Size: 400 X 155 X 50mm - Weight: 600grams

Border Blocks

For the 21st century Elvins offer a range of beautiful Lightweight Border Edging Blocks especially for garden. So, why use the public roadside heavy edging blocks that are hard to use in your garden?

Can you imagine how beautiful your garden border will look with our edging blocks? They are truly beautiful, tough and strong that weighs just 600 grams.

Our garden edging blocks offers you the easiest way for creating beautiful borders, edgings, flowerbeds and walkways in your garden.

Elvins Edging Blocks Are Unique - Better - Lighter - Stronger - Doesn't Chip Or Crack Like Concrete Or Granite - Much Easier To Install And Keep Clean - Contact Us Or Ask For Elvins Border Edging Blocks At Your Local Builder's Merchants Department Stores and Garden Centres

Garden Edging Blocks
edging blocks
Our Border Edging Blocks are tough and strong but light in weight even ladies can lift them with their little finger and create beautiful bordering.
edge paving slab
garden edging blocks

NEW! TWO IN ONE EDGING & Paving Blocks

*British Invention *Light Weight *Heavy Duty *Made To Last *Easy To Handle

With our lightweight edging blocks you can easily create bordering with walkways round your flowerbeds and around your garden. See our latest lightweight edging block here.

Low Cost Labour Saving - Lightweight - Made To Last - Edging Bordering Block For Garden

See below how easy to create bordering walkways round your flower beds.

Most cost effective innovative combination two in one edge border and paving blocks.

Our Edging Blocks are highly decorative in the garden. They are strong and built to last. Gardeners can push wheelbarrow heavily loaded on these Edging Blocks. See the Full Range

Before The Garden Path

Why walk on the grass round your garden?


Made Easier To Transform Your Garden

Our edging blocks have built in stabiliser and self-fixing hollow shell body therefore, no more extra pinning necessary to lay your edging.

To create your border edgings, paving for walkway, simply dig out the area about two inches deep fill with soft sand and soak it with water. Then level it down using sprit level then lay the edging blocks and press down into the sand. The top of the edging blocks should be in level with the grass.

A: Shaped Edge
B: Rounded Top
C: Shaped For Water Drainage
D: Sloped stepping slab for water drainage.

Dimensions: 400mm X 155mm X 50mm
Weight: 600 grams

Order through your local Garden Centre. Or use the form below to contact us for your nearest supplier.

Manufacturing Capacity: 10,000

We can manufacture up to 10,000 Border Edging Blocks every month and deliver from our factory directly to your store on time.

Also, if you are a end user you can save money by asking your local garden centre to order the Elvins Border Edging Blocks for you.