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Beautiful Flower Beds In Your Garden

The easiest method for creating borders and edges. Now you can buy lightweight border blocks for your garden.

flower bed

By using Elvins Lightweight Edge Border Blocks you can easily create beautiful flowerbed and enjoy your artistic work.

flower bed
border blocks

Elvins Edge Border Blocks has 10 Year Warrantee

Our unique border Edging are convertible for creating beautiful flowerbeds.

Dimensions: 400mm X 150mm X 50mm

Weight: 600 Grams.

We manufavture two colour Dark Gray and Light Gray border blocks for flower beds.

Please contact your nearest garden center for more details and retail prices on Elvins Border Edging Blocks.

Border Edging Blocks For Garden Centres Manufacturing Capacity: 10,000

We can supply 10,000 units every month with your logo brand trademark on the packaging.

Use This Form For More Details Or Enquire At Your Local Stores For Elvins Garden Paving Slabs.