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Garden Patio Paving Slabs For DIY & Professionals

garden paving slab
edging paving slab
paving slabs
Dark Gray Paving Slab
garden paving slabs
Light Gray Paving Slab

Now is the time to order your paving slabs through your local stores.

Elvins garden paving slabs are unique, lighter stronger doesn't chip or crack much easier to install keep clean.

Our garden paving slabs are ideal for patios and garden paths.

A new breakthrough for the Garden Paving Slabs in the 21st century. Elvins offers superior hardwaring beautiful Paving Slabs especially for garden designs and makeovers.

Our paying slabs are especially manufactured for garden use. By using our garden paving slabs you will find them to be easier to build immaculate looking patios and garden walkways. You don't need sand and cement or any mortar.

Instruction to lay our paving slabs all you have to do is dig out about 16cm the area where you want pave, then fill it with hardcore and level it, then fill it with soft sand. Level the sand with spirit level and a length of straighedg wood. Wet the sand with water and lay the paving slabs using a rubber mallet.

Use our Garden paving slabs to easily convert your overgrown backward to beautiful patio or walkway.

In average all of our paving slabs weighs under 2kg light in weight even ladies can lift and create the back yard patio.

So, why use the heavy concrete paving slabs that are so much harder to lay in your garden?

You will simply love these paving slabs laid permanently in your garden and be proud of doing it yourself.

Contact Us Or Ask For Elvins Garden Paving Slabs At Your Local Builder's Merchants, Department Stores and Garden Centres

Please note: Elvins Garden Paving slabs are not recommended for public roads or private driveway and the use of any cleaning chemicals.

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10 Year Warrantee Elvins PVC Garden Paving Slab

Our unique PVC paving slabs are convertible for creating beautiful gardens.

Dimensions: 400mm X 350mm X50mm

Colours: Dark Gray and Light Gray

Weight: 1.9kg

Please contact your nearest garden center for more details and retail prices on Elvins Garden Paving Slabs.

Manufacturing Capacity: 10,000

We can manufacture up to 10,000 Paving Slabs every month and deliver from our factory directly to your store on time.

Also, if you are a end user you can save money by asking your local garden centre to order the Elvins Border Edging Blocks for you. Or register now for a free sample Garden Paving Slab.