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Cup & Mug Stainless Steel Hook Hanger Rack

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Elvins anti dust Cups and Mugs upside down 12 hook rack hangers. These stainless steel cup hangers are Ideal for catering businesses such as restaurants, pubs, coffee bars etc.

So, why hang cup and mug upside down? Elvins strongly believes that dirty dusts falls everywhere even inside the cupboards and inside the cups and mugs while hanging on ordinary cup hooks facing sideways.

The meaningful phrase Dust to Dust said at the funeral are absolutely true, as Dust floats in the air attached with good and bad sprit attachments. By hanging cups and mugs facing sideways will trap dusts and you drink out of them everyday. At last in the 21 century by updating your old type cup hooks with Elvins cup hook hangers you can hang your cups and mugs facing upside down and avoids drinking any dust.

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