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Teacup And Mug Hangers

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The image on the left is the Latest Cup Hooks That Offers The Most Hygienic Method Of Hanging Teacups In Our Dusty World

Thank you for visiting our Teacup Hangers. Below you will discover how to prevent dirty dust falling inside your cups and mugs while hanging facing sideways on traditional hooks.

We are Dust Free teacup & mug hanger manufacturers and worldwide distributors. See our ingenious four hook hangers offer dust free cups & mugs for enjoyable drinks every time.

Fit Our Dust Free Cup and Mug Hangers And You Can Enjoy A Perfect Cuppa Everytime

The picture above on the right shows four different size mugs hanging facing downwards therefore no dust can fall inside them. The back plate is mirror polished chrome plated but the reflection of the light made it appear black.

Do you know how much dirty dust you drink every day?

Why sometimes your favourite brand tea or coffee tastes different? The answer is more likely to be while hanging sideways on a hook unusual amount and the type of dust has fallen inside your cup or mug which will makes tea or coffee taste and even smell bad. Dust continuously falls inside your cup or mugs every microsecond and spoils the taste of your drink.

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The above picture shows three mugs of various sizes hanging on hooks facing downwards to prevent dust gathering.

The use of conventional hooks for hanging cups or mugs collects dusts in the atmosphere. The dust particulates falls inside and around the rim, settle and build up over a period of time.

However, the only way to overcome these problems cups and mugs should be hung facing downwards upside down, which prevents dust falling inside and around the vessels.

Replace your old hook with our dust free hangers and you can enjoy better tasting tea or coffee with confidence everytime.

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