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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

We don't know how many lives Elvins Cup Hooks will save over the years but if our products saves just one life it means a lot to us. . Why not protect your family and yourself and live longer without serious illness? You can now hang your cups & mugs facing upside down with Elvins Anti Virus Cup Hooks and avoid drinking unhealthy virus carrying house dust mites. The Anti Virus Cup Hooks comes in pairs.

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Since 1961 Elvins are UK’s designers, inventors and manufacturers of many unique products, which includes a wide variety of different category of products.

Exclusive range of Elvins inventions are Anti Virus Dust Cup Hooks and Hangers for kitchens. Lightweight Paving Slabs and Edging Blocks for gardens.

For more information on exclusive kitchen and garden products you are welcome to use the above menu to look around and discover the benefits of the range of two different categories of products.

The Dust Free Cup & Mug Hook Hangers, Kitchen Wall Units, Dust Free Cupboards, Lightweight Paving Slabs and Border Edging Blocks.

For an example below you can find the reasons why Elvins invented and currently manufacturing two different categories of unique products. First we give the reason why the Dust Free Cup and Mug Hook Hangers then Lightweight Paving Slabs and Edging Blocks.

Avoid Drinking Dirty Dust Everyday

All traditional Cup Hooks Are Harmful For Health as they hang cups & mugs facing sideways and collect dust.

See the picture below how ordinary hooks can hang cups & mugs facing sideways only and collects dust while hanging.

alt="dusty cup"
Mugs Hangers

Our Dust Free Hooks will hang the cups & mugs upside down so no dust can fall inside.

We are living in the dusty world, as the air is polluted with dangerous emission carbon dusts and humans dry skin dust. Dust is man's worst enemy.

About Our Lightweight Paving Products


If you like gardening or garden makeover with bordering or walkway or patio paving you don't have to use heavy concrete blocks and slabs and end up with body and backaches anymore. Therefore, Elvins have invented the Lightweight Paving Slabs and Edging Blocks.

Where To Buy Elvins Range Of Exclusive Products

Currently, Elvins Anti Dust Cup Hooks are available at the following stores: Rogers Hardware, 25 Greenwood Road, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6QX, England, Phone: 01344 762300, Fax: 01823 253153. Or Wokingham Decor, 56 Peach St, Wokingham, RG40 1XG, Tel: 0118 978 5966. Or pop into your local hardware stores or garden centres and ask them to order for you if you are interested in buying any of the Elvins range of products.